Legal services

Real Estate Law

Buying and Selling a Property

  • Legal advice on buying and selling residential and commercial property and building plots
  • Analysis of all necessary documents of the property (verification of charges and encumbrances)
  • Drafting and advice on the preparation of powers of attorney and ratifications either in Spain or abroad
  • Study of all the expenses inherent to the property in order to verify the non existence of debts related to it, and opportune verifications in the corresponding Land Registry.
  • Payment of taxes relevant to the transaction and inscription in the Land Registry.
  • Other related services such as new building declaration and legalization, discrepancies between Land Registry and Cadastral office, leases, constitution and cancellation of mortgages, swaps, lieu of payment and others.

Inheritance Law

Granting a Will and Acceptance of Inheritance

Advising clients on granting a Will as well as preparation and signing of public deeds of acceptance of inheritance before Notary

  • Preparation and study of the relevant costs and taxes to take into account on the occasion of the granting of the deed of acceptance of inheritance.
  • Obtainment of documentation related to the assets subject of the inheritance, Wills and further necessary certificates
  • Checks at the corresponding Land Registry
  • Drafting and advice on the preparation of powers of attorney and ratifications either in Spain or abroad
  • Preparation and granting of public deed of inheritance before Notary, liquidation of the taxes inherent to the succession with the subsequent presentation to the corresponding tax administration, and registration in the Land Registry.
  • Study and advice for the preparation of national and European Wills.

Procedural Law

Civil Litigations

  • Recovery of debts
  • Eviction from a rented property where the tenant has failed to pay the rent or has broken other terms of the rental contract
  • Resolution of contracts and fulfilment of contract regarding Real Estate Law

Other Professional Services

  • Preparation of powers of attorney in Spain and abroad
  • Contracting of utilities for your spanish property
  • Registration at the tax authorities
  • Submission and payment of determinant taxes
  • Organisation of translations and sworn interpreter, legalizations and “Apostilles”.
  • Changes of ownership at Communities of Owners
  • Changes of ownership at the Town Hall, Cadastral office or Land Registry
  • Direct debits

Collaborations & Professional Relationships

Much of our work involves cooperation with other Lawyers or Prosecutors, Architects and Surveyors, Notaries, Tax Consultants, Agencies for administrative formalities, Appraisers, Translators, all fulfilling the strictest standards of ethical and professional conduct.


Upon request we will provide our client with information on professional fees and cost estimates in any type of operation, guaranteeing total transparency in any of the operations to be performed, without carrying out any intervention without the client's prior consent.

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