Legal Advice in Spanish, English or German.

Our office provides the highest quality of service in a straightforward, personalised and client focused way in your own language be it Spanish, English or German.

We have the legal qualifications, experience and resources to meet all your legal requirements and we operate under the strict code of conduct laid down by the College of Lawyers of Arrecife.

We guarantee our clients total confidentiality and adhere at all times to the Ley Organica 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 – the Spanish law covering Protection of Data.

It is of vital importance that communication between lawyer and client be free and open and that any language barriers as a result of being in a foreign country do not make the protection of your interests more difficult, especially as the legal system may be different from that of your own country.

Foreigners often spend only short periods of time in Lanzarote and, therefore, communications with our clients are often by email, fax or telephone. In our experience face-to face meetings are not always necessary.

Our office is located in the centre of Arrecife, the administrative and financial capital of the island. Close by are Notaries, Registry Offices and Banks.

Fayna Pérez Cabrera Lawyer

Fayna Pérez Cabrera Lawyer

Fayna Pérez Cabrera Lawyer

Fayna Pérez Cabrera Lawyer

Fayna Pérez Cabrera


Fayna Peréz Cabrera has been a practising lawyer in Spain since 1999. She has been a member (247) of the College of Lawyers of Lanzarote since 1999 and also a member of the College of Procurators of Las Palmas since 2012.

Born on the island of Gran Canaria in 1977, she went to schools in Lanzarote, Surrey (England) and Bonn (Germany). She completed her university education in the Faculty of Law and Business Administration at San Pablo University in Madrid where she studied Law and Business Studies.

Fayna Pérez Cabrera Lawyer

Member of the College of Lawyers of Lanzarote. Member
Member of the Spanish Association of Judicial and Arbitration Mediators. Member
Member of the College of Procurators of Las Palmas Since
Course of study on the law regarding the registration of residential and commercial property at the Las Palmas department of the National College of Registrars of Residential Property, Commercial Property and Personal Property of Spain. Duration 5 months. Course
Course of study on Urban Law at U.L.P.G.C. 2005
Course of study on property management set by the Centre of Studies for Surveyors Course
Masters degree in the international management of hotels and tourist enterprises from the Centre of High Level Tourist Studies in Madrid Masters
Practising lawyer in Spain Since