Work Areas

Property and Registry Law

Buying and Selling Property

Property and Registry Law

Advising clients on all aspects of the purchase, sale and lease of real estate up to and including entry in the relevant registries.

  • Providing legal advice on all aspects of buying and selling residential and commercial property and building land.
  • Reviewing and checking all documents relating to the property including checks regarding charges, liens and the supply of utilities.
  • Advising on and drafting powers of attorney either in Spain or abroad.
  • Examining all expenses related to the property to ensure that there are no outstanding debts attached to it and also making detailed checks with the relevant registry.
  • Ensuring that all taxes and charges relevant to the transaction and to the property are paid, including all costs involved in registering the property.
  • Carrying out other related services such as applying for permission to carry out new building work, advising on how to deal with entry discrepancies in the Land Registry or local authority records, preparing leases, advising on the terms and cancellation of mortgages, providing guidance on mortgage arrears and others.

Inheritance Law

Making a Will

Inheritance Law

Advising clients on making a will in respect of property and other assets held in Spain.

  • Providing detailed information on Spanish laws of inheritance and current Spanish inheritance tax.
  • Advising foreign clients, resident and non-resident, citizens of E.U. countries and others, on the procedure involved in making a Spanish will and helping them through this process.
  • Ensuring the will is drafted to most effectively meet the wishes of the client registering the will.

Inheritance Law

Executing a Will

Inheritance Law

Advising clients, whether beneficiaries or executors of a will, on the execution of a Spanish will.

  • Providing detailed information on Spanish laws of inheritance and current Spanish inheritance tax.
  • Discussing with the client the provisions of the will.
  • Providing detailed information as to the process involved in executing a Spanish will and helping the client through this process.
  • Preparing advice regarding the level of inheritance tax to be paid, together with other charges related to execution of the will.
  • Obtaining, where a property is involved, documents related to the property, making checks with the Land Registry
  • Ensuring that the process is effectively carried out and that all appropriate deeds are notarised and that all relevant taxes and charges are paid.
  • Effecting, where a property is involved, the appropriate changes to the Land Registry entry.




  • Recovery of debts.
  • Eviction from a rented property where the tenant has failed to pay the rent or has broken other terms of the rental contract.
  • Damage claims over € 2,000 – including claims made under the terms of an insurance policy.
  • Terms of contract and compliance with contractual terms.


Professional Services

Lawyer Professional Services

  • Ensuring the connection of utility supplies to your Spanish property.
  • Registration with the tax authorities.
  • Filing and payment of taxes.
  • Application for NIE (a foreigner’s identification number) and NIF ( a foreigner’s tax identification number).
  • Organisation of translations and court approved interpreters.
  • Change of ownership with a Community of Owners.
  • Change of ownership with a local authority.
  • Establishment of direct debits.

Professional Relationships

Much of our work involves cooperation with other lawyers and legal representatives, public notaries, architects, surveyors, tax consultants, business advisers, valuers, translators and other professionals. At all times we require from those with whom we are cooperating the highest level of professional and ethical conduct.


Upon request we will provide our client with detailed fee information and an estimate of the expenses likely to be incurred in carrying out the specified work, guaranteeing total transparency whatever type of legal service we are providing. Also, no action will be taken without clear instructions from the client.